Marina Squerciati: Biography, Age, Height, Career And Family

Marina Squerciati

Marie Squerciati is an incredibly talented American actress and dancer. With a successful career spanning over a decade, she has made waves with her graceful dancing, witty comedic timing, and captivating performances. From stints on such shows as NBC’s Chicago Fire to a turn in the critically acclaimed indie The Missing Person, there is no doubt that Marie had a revelatory talent.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Marie was born on March 26, 1986, to parents Craig and Ruth Ann. Growing up in a vibrant household was the perfect place for her to pick up her unmistakable charm and enthusiasm for the performing arts. After attending The Catholic University of America for Theatre, Marie began her professional career appearing in such plays as 2008’s Dinner with Friends at the E.T.C. Stage, and The 24-Hour Plays Festival at the Ellen Stewart Theatre in 2009.

Marina Squerciati Education :

Marina Squerciati graduated with a BA in Theater from Northwestern University in 2003. She previously attended the Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy for her schooling and furthered her artistry by learning ballet at The School of The America Ballet. Beyond that, no other details of the actress’s academic achievements are currently available.

In August 2013, it was announced by Deadline that Sophia Squerciati had been cast as Officer Kim Burgess for the Chicago Fire spin-off series Chicago P.D. The show premiered on January 8, 2014, and its seventh season commenced on September 25, 2019. On February 27, 2020, NBC confirmed that the show will be returning for an eighth, ninth, and tenth season.

Dancing Professional

Despite her love of acting, Marie’s real strength lies in her trained and passionate dancing. While at The Catholic University of America, she gained valuable experience appearing in productions of Promenade, The Nutcracker, and Black Orpheus. Eventually, she began training in Argentine Tango, the style of dancing most often featured in her performances.


Marie’s break-out role came in 2012 when she began starring as Officer Kim Burgess in NBC’s Chicago Fire. As a strong female lead in a groundbreaking action drama, Marie used her training in Argentine Tango to add a unique flair to her character that charmed fans everywhere. As Kim Burgess, Marie brought to life a unique and captivating character that helped her gain nationwide attention.

Film Career

After her standout role in Chicago Fire, Marie began to focus on her film career, starring in the indie flick The Missing Person in 2013. The Missing Person is the story of a private investigator hired to find a man who disappeared without a trace 9 years prior. Despite the fact that it was her first major film role, Marie pulled together a powerful and award-winning performance that had audiences in raptures.

Recent Projects

Since The Missing Person, Marie has continued to be very active in the film, television, and theatre world. Most recently, she has been appearing in numerous projects such as the mystery/suspense movie Run Hide and Die and the horror-filled show Monsters: Dark Continent. Clearly, Marie’s career is still on the up and up, with plenty of amazing roles still yet to come.

Marina Squerciati on Instagram

Marina Squerciati is a frequent user of various social media outlets, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her Instagram account, @marinasqu, has amassed a formidable following of 746 thousand fans.

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Her Relationship Status

Marina tied the knot with Eli Kay-Oliphant, an attorney and her romantic partner. However, there is no clarity on the identity of her daughter’s biological father. Moreover, prior to marrying Eli, she was said to be going out with leading American actor Patrick John Flueger.

Rumors swirled in 2014 that Marina was engaged in an extra-marital relationship with her co-star Patrick John Flueger, although neither party has confirmed this. To add to the unanswered questions, the identity of the father of her daughter, born that same year, has remained undisclosed.

Her Net Worth

Marina Squerciati has an impressive net worth of around 500k USD. She earns an average salary of 40k to 120k for her roles in movies. Further, when appearing in television she charges around 20k per episode. Acting and performing are her primary sources of income. Additionally, the court recently declared her as the child of the late John Jacobson, ordering him to pay for her nanny, child support, and tuition fees at Dalton and Northwestern University.


All in all, Marie quercitin is an amazing actress and dancer who is sure to go far. Her unique styles, vibrant energy, and entrancing performances are sure to keep the world spellbound for years to come. There is no doubt that Marie is sure to leave lasting impressions for many years.

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