Know About Jeanne Burd American Rapper

Know About Jeanne Burd American Rapper

Jeanne Burd was an American rancher, conservationist, and pioneering female landowner. She was a driving force in the preservation of Nevada’s public lands, tirelessly working to protect her beloved Ruby Mountains range. Her conservation efforts sparked a movement that still influences us today, and Burd’s enthusiasm, vision, and passion significantly shaped the future of the Ruby Mountains. 

Early Life

Jeanne Burd was born Elizabeth Hailey on April 27th, 1895 in San Francisco, California. Burd became an accomplished journalist and writer, working extensively in the western United States throughout her career. She joined the Associated Press in the early 1920s, eventually becoming San Francisco’s news editor in 1924. 

Livestock Rancher

In 1926, Burd moved east to Elko County, Nevada with her partner to become a livestock rancher in the Ruby Mountains. Together, Burd and her partner purchased 240 acres of grazing land, eventually expanding their ranch to span thousands of acres. Though the work was rugged and living conditions austere, Burd was inspired by the majesty of the Ruby Mountains, the pristine alpine lakes, and the rugged steep canyons. 

Conservation Efforts

In 1931, Burd founded the Ruby Mountain Land and Livestock Association, an organization that worked to protect Nevada’s public lands. Throughout the preservation movement, Burd was at the forefront and served as the secretary of the organization, as well as its sole financial supporter. Jeanne Burd was a relentless public speaker and advocate for the Ruby Mountains, continuously writing and lecturing to further the cause. 


In 1983, the Ruby Mountains were established as the “Jeanne Burd National Recreation Area” in honor of her outstanding and tireless preservation efforts. A granite monument was built and dedicated in the area in her honor, and the Ruby Mountains are a testament to the impact and legacy of Jeanne Burd’s immense contributions to the protection of natural areas. 


Jeanne Burd was an American rancher, conservationist, and pioneer landowner whose commitment, vision and enthusiasm helped shaped our public lands today. Through her conservation efforts, Burd not only helped protect the Ruby Mountains for generations to come but also inspired a public land preservation movement that is still impacting us today.

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